AI Speaker, Smartphone Voice Service
Voice Platform
Even a child deals with voice command! An unauthorized person cannot pass voice identification!
Voice platform must classify the different authorities by different users.
Quisvox can verify different authorities in the very easy way by users' different voice tones.
Easy Transfer,
Financial Information Check and Transaction Approval
Financial Service
Many global banks and insurance companies have tried to adopt a biometric recognition system.
The advantage of biometrics is its convenience.
User identification is now available through voice and voice that is most convenient for users.
Customer Verification,
Background Connection and Transaction Approval
Customer Service Center
Quisvox will enable quick customer identification when consulting customers with voice only.
Increase customer satisfaction and improve corporate competitiveness in call centers in non-face-to-face environments.
Different Fields
Security Management System
(Entrance/Exit Control and Access Control)
The management of computerized equipment/software's accessibility and access authority in different business authorities by the application on the internal entrance/exit control system and security facility access authorization control system.
Online/Offline Attendance Management (Real-Time Check)
Online/Offline Attendance Management, Online Attendee Checking, Online Test-Takers Real-Time Checking
(Proxy Attendance and Proxy Test Taking Prevention by Verification Process)