Quisvox (Speaker Identification Solution) creates convenient voice identity life connected by your voice.
Many people have experienced the voice service through an AI speaker in the world, and the voice service already began in AI, smartphone, car, and IoT field.
The design that considers a human being first.
Quisvox's unique convenient voice identification that you do not need to carry or memorize.
Quisvox, the authentication solution that verifies a user only with a voice, will support the successful business of the corporate based on the convenient consumer experience.
Safe and Convenient
Quisvox considers a human being first and pursues safe and convenient voice verification system.
In the different service environments such as AI speaker, smartphone, call center, door-lock, and security management, it pursues user-convenience and safety to maintain powerful security capabilities in an exposed environment.
Technology Attracts a Customer's Heart
If you want the considerate world, feel free to approach the technology that a user can trust, the convenience that a user prefers, and the service that touches a user's heart.
Quixvox's voice identification solution, it will make everything possible.
Only One Word!
It is enough to verify your identity.
With only One talk, that's enough to identify you.
WE Checking your identity!
Voice identification service, it is not a future's dream anymore. Quisvox invites you to the technology.
User Voice Variation Tracing Technology
AI algorithm that adopts the most optimized parameter from the different components characteristic of voice frequency.
User characteristic optimization by voice tone change tracing occurred by a user's condition and mental state.
Minimized rates of identification rejection by multi level verification process of voice variation cluster categorized in the multi-layered authentication database.
Multi-Layered Authentication Database System
User's different voice variation information pattern analysis and multi-layered authentication database system applied different types of crowd model.
To secure enhanced security for exposed environments, it maximizes the strengths of the behavioral characteristics of a voice and eliminates the root of the most vulnerable element of verification, the permanent damage of usability that becomes the weakest point when the permanent unique information such as biometric identification database is stolen.
Convergence Voice Security OTP System
Context Suggestion Speaker Identification Technology + learning algorithm applied matrix database management technology + One-time password technology integrated verification word suggestion system