Becomes my IDENTITY
So many voice services have approached our daily life.
Over typical voice recognition service, we proceed the research that makes a voice as your identity.
Voice is intrinsic.
We have our own voice inherently. If a detailed technology is mixed, a voice plays a role just as DNA.
Voice is the fastest communication tool.
It understands your thought what you want and proceeds it.
Voice has different tones.
No matter how you try to change your voice tone, your own identity is never changed. Like so, different voice tones can protect your identity.
Voice Identification,
Comes to Real
During the travel to developing the precise voice identification solution, to develop not only durable but also expandable and flexible service, Quisvox pursues powerful and save technology.
You can easily use it although you do not carry your voice, despite you do not memorize your voice.
It exists for a human being and memorizes your different voice tones.
It verifies what you said and connects it with your own services.
For your safe voice life, it verifies only you with your voice only.