IPRs Status
We introduce the IPRs status that GONGHOON has registered and applied.
01 User Recognition Device and the Method to Recognize a User Voice Characteristic Classification by the Analysis of User Voice
02 Voice Identification System Context Suggestion System's Security Card and OTP Collaboration
03 Context-Based Voice Model Management Device and Its Method Speaker's Voice Variation Tracing Algorithm
04 The Method and Device to Verify the Speaker on the Basis of Said Word Supplementation of Temporal Shift and the Validity of Phonic Word
05 The Method and Device to Utilize Phonic Feature Vector for Voice Identification's Optimization The Selection of Feature Vector of the Most Optimized Voice Frequency by Different Words for Verification
06 The Method and Device to Dualize the Speaker Verification Utilizing Phonic Feature Vector and Parameter The Multi-Level Speaker Verification Reflecting Change of User's Voice Status