This is GONGHOON's story that will open the new era with Quisvox service development.
Establishment : March 2017
Product : User Voice Identification SW
Business Field : The development and distribution of system and applied software
Certification & Approval : Venture Business Registration, KOITA R&D Center
Location : Rm G-1, 1F, 8-7 Euseongdaero 1689beon-gil, Euseong-gu, Daejeon-si, South Korea
Let us introduce the experts who have walked with us in the travel for Quisvox's Development
We have not gone through a long way, but we have a much longer way to go. We wish to go through this long travel with you.
2018.12 Became Daejeon Exclusive R&D Business
2018.12 Awarded 100 Excellent Exhibits in Korea Invention Patent Exhibition - Awarded The Price of Korea International Trade Association Principal
2018.10 Voice Identification Demo Version (early version) development - Participation in TechCrunch SF / ILS Japan / Slush
2018.08 Business Model for Commercialization Established - KIPA (Excellent Business Model Corporate Selected)
2018.06 Move in Industry-University-Institute Collaboration's Strategical Cooperation R&D Village - Korea Technology and Information Promotion Agency for SMEs
2018.02 R&D Center Established - KOITA
2017.11 Excellent Technological Venture Business Selected by The Trust Guarantee Fund - Blue-Elite
2017.08 Voice Speaker Verification Solution R&D Start - The Patent for KIST Speaker Verification Transfer
2017.03 GONGHOON Co., Ltd Corporate Established